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TREEmendous effort

Posted on June 25th, 2018 by Kieran

Sorry about the pun just I would BRANCH out my joke. Oakay I’ll stop now.

We had a lovely story sent through from the 14th Rotherham Beavers about a tradition that has been around since 1997.

In 1997, the 14th Rotherham beaver colony went to explore Wickersley Wood and they found some conkers. These were planted in a pot, looked after by the Beavers and one of them grew. The children were very excited and have watched the tree grow for the last 21 years. The sapling flourished and eventually was just too large to live in Mrs Beavers garden any longer. The tree has now been kindly allowed to be planted at Hesley Wood Activity Centre for everyone to enjoy. The Cubs helped plant it when they had a sleepover at Hesley earlier this year. Here is a photo of some of our Beavers visiting it when they attended the Beaver Fun Day.

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Beavers is definitely fun!

Posted on April 30th, 2018 by Kieran

On Thursday 26th April, the Beavers at 14th Rotherham (St Francis) Bramley Scout group celebrated St George’s Day by accepting the team challenge to dress some of their members, using  a variety of materials and media, as St George or the dragon. There were some excellent costumes and this is a picture of the winners, the burgundy lodge. Well done to everyone.

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Pond Dipping 

Posted on July 3rd, 2017 by Kieran

The 14th Rotherham Beavers spent an evening pond dipping at Ulley Country Park and caught many interesting creatures, which lurk in the pond. Claire, the park ranger, helped us identify the pond life and told us all about Ulley Country Park. The photo shows us getting ready to pond dip. Luckily, the rain which had been pouring down for days, stopped just in time! It was a very muddy and damp experience but we all had fun. Thanks Claire.

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Beavers Visit The Fire Station

Posted on May 31st, 2017 by Kieran

On Thursday 25th May 14th Rotherham Beavers Scout colony visited Rotherham Fire Station to learn about fire safety and the role of firefighters in our community. It was an interesting evening exploring the fire engine and the Beavers thoroughly enjoyed having the chance to use the fire hose. Some of us got quite wet! Thank you Blue watch for entertaining us.

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Chief Scout Awards Presentation Evening : 15th. February 2017

Posted on March 16th, 2017 by IvorJordan

The Rotherham District Scout Council held another ‘Chief Scout Award’ Presentation Evening on Wednesday 15th. February 2017 at the Carlton Park Hotel. The Chief Superintendent of South Yorkshire Police, Rob Odel made the presentation of the Certificates to the members.

Beaver Scouts. – The Chief Superintentent Rob Odel, assisted by 

Racheal Ridsdale (Assistant District Commissioner General Duties)

presented the ‘Bronze Award’ Certificates to 28 Beaver Scouts from

across the District.





Cub Scouts. – The Chief Superintendent  Rob Odel assisted by Sally Harrison (Assistant District Commissioner Cub Scouts) presented the               ‘Silver Award’ Certificates to 17 Cub Scouts from across the District.






Scouts. – The Chief Superintendent  Rob Odel assisted by Jeff Newton (Assistant District Commissioner General Duties) presented the ‘Gold Award’ Certificates to 11 Scouts from across the District.






Explorer Scouts – The Chief Superintendent  Rob Odel assisted by Neil Leatherland (District Treasurer) presented a ‘Bronze’ & ‘Silver’ Badge and Certificates, a ‘Gold’ Badge, for the ‘Duke of Edinburgh Award Scheme’ and a ‘Young Leader’s’ Certificate to Explorer Scouts from across the District.


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Happy Chinese New Year

Posted on January 27th, 2017 by Kieran

The 42nd Thorpe Hesley Scouts have been working towards the world challenge. As part of the work we looked at Chinese new year and the customs of China. To celebrate the Chinese new year the Scouts made traditional good luck gifts and presented them to the local Chinese takeaway who were very happy to receive them.


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Quick District Updates

Posted on January 27th, 2017 by Kieran

14th Rotherham
December was a busy month and it saw the Beavers entertaining the crowds with their singing of “Grandma got run over by a reindeer”, at the locally held Christmas Fayre and market. They also went to see the pantomime, “Legend of King Arthur” at Wickersley School and Sports College, with the Cubs and Scouts. For their last meeting, they spent the evening in the Wacky Warehouse at Sir Jacks, having lots of fun in the adventure playground. On Christmas Eve, they joined in the celebration of Christingle at St Francis Church, Bramley before having an early night before “you know who” visited them with their Christmas gifts.

2017 has seen the Beaver scouts potting up narcissi as part of their gardening badge and helping plan for the coming year.

9th Rotherham

Here is what the Beavers and Cubs been up to in the past couple of months.
On the 29th Dec 2016  we joined the rest of the district at the annual District Carol Service at Rotherham minister. On the 8th Dec 2016 We Went to Abbyhill nursing home to sing Christmas Carols. Tyler Richardson sung a solo of Silent Night. The residents really loved our visit and there were smiles all round. We had a full group outing to the Christmas pantomime at Rotherham Civic to watch Snow White and her 7 little friends and we had 35 children and leaders go. Group Christmas party with food and party games was a good night all round with plenty of laughs. The Leaders Christmas party at Carlton Park was a good night with plenty of food and drinks going round. Finally we are planning a cub and family camp for later in the year and it looks like it will be another busy year for us.

14th Rotherham

Our Cub section had loads of fun at the 100 years celebration Panto on the 16th December 2016. We also had lots of fun playing footgolf in the warmer months of last year. It is definitely recommended for everyone to give it a go.  Our Scouts held a sleepover in December. This was Started off by decorating the hut by putting Christmas tree up and setting up disco equipment. Our evening of disco then start with plenty of sweets and crisps going round as well as lots of fun teaching Leaders new moves! (I’m pretty sure dabbing was involved) Followed by a Christmas film and lights out. The following day we had secret santa, prepared their Christmas dinner which was served by the leaders,  loads of christmas craft activities.  Fun was had by all and everybody couldn’t wait for santa clause to come.

35th Rotherham

This is what the 35th Rotherham Scouts did this Christmas. Our last scout meeting was on 16th December, which obviously coincided with the Cubs’ Promise renewal. Our Cub leader Dawn had organised a special church service at St James’ church in South Anston, which members of all our sections attended and renewed their promise. After the service, the scouts, accompanied by me and my fellow leader Allan, walked back to our scout hut in North Anston, where they had pizza and watched a dvd, before spending the night sleeping in the hut. The following morning they were all up early to help prepare and cook a 3 course Christmas lunch and set the table for us all to eat together. We had 19 scouts for lunch, along with 2 leaders and our parent helper Steve and we also had 2 special guests, Steve and Diane from Scout Active Support. Everyone enjoyed their meal and and all helped wash up afterwards before playing games until it was time for their parents to collect them. This is the 3rd year the scouts have have chosen to cook their Christmas dinner and it was very successful.

30th Rotherham

The 30th have done all sorts over the Christmas period such as dressing each other up as reindeer and santa and pulling sleighs in a relay race as well as all sorts of crafts and even a visit from the big fat man in the red suit himself. The Cubs also renewed their promise as part of the Cub 100 celebrations. Since we have came back from the new year we have created red envelopes for chinese new year as well as creating chickens as it is the year of the chicken. On the 26th of January Pip from Whiston Parish Church Cricket Club came to the hut and did a night of cricket with the Cubs and taught them how to catch as well as a quick game of indoor cricket with all 30 of our Cubs. The Scouts are booking in to go up to the club for a night of Cricket.

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14th Rotherham Fashion Show

Posted on January 27th, 2017 by Kieran

On Friday 10th February 2017 the 14th Rotherham have a professional fashion show team putting on a show for us in Bramley Parish Hall starting at 7pm. They will be selling ladies clothes in sizes 8-22 from high street stores such as M & S, River Island, Next, New Look and many more at a fraction of the normal price. The evening comprises of a model wearing the item walking around between tables giving you the opportunity to look at the quality of the item you are then told what sizes are available and stick your hand in the air to purchase when the team will deliver straight to your table. Payment can be made there and then in cash or you can pay by card at the end of the show. There will be time to try on your purchases and if not completely satisfied they can be handed back on the night for refund.

Tickets for the show are priced at £5.00 each which will include bucks fizz or a soft drink on arrival we will then be selling other drinks (alcoholic and non-alcoholic) during the evening. You are under no obligation to buy anything on the night.

The event is for adults only so why not get a group of other mums together and join us on what promises to be a great evening? We are expecting the show to be quite popular and have a maximum capacity.

Tickets are available by calling 07714074856.

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Cub 100 @ the Octagon Sheffield

Posted on January 27th, 2017 by Kieran

Here are two photos for the 38th Rotherham Cubs at the Centenary Event that was help in the Octagon. To celebrate the end of 100 years of Cub Scouting the whole district was invited to the
Octagon in Sheffield to be able to speak with other Cubs around the world.

15420835_10154197898282749_8040740344054303076_n 15589854_10154197898492749_7820093609882332419_n

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Chief Scout Awards Nov 2016

Posted on November 22nd, 2016 by Kieran

On Wednesday 16th. November 2016 the Rotherham District Scouts held an evening of presenting at the Carlton Park Hotel, of Chief Scout Awards, the highest award available to the Beaver Scout, Cut Scout and Scout Sections, attended by the Deputy Mayor Councillor Mrs Eve Rose-Keenan, and her Consort Mr Pat Keenan.

The Deputy Mayor presented 18 Bronze Awards to Beaver Scouts, 13 Silver Award to Cub Scouts, 4 Gold Awards to the Scouts, Platinum Awards and Bronze and Silver Duke of Edinburgh Awards to Explorer Scouts.

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