24th Rotherham (Wickersley)

The 24th Rotherham are based in the Wickersley Methodist Church. They have a large meeting area for various games and activities.

27th Rotherham (Woodsetts)

The 27th Rotherham are on the edge of Rotherham District. They are based in a small village called Woodsetts and accept children from the surrounding areas as well as in the village. They are located on Guildingwells Road and are…

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30th Rotherham (Herringthorpe)

The 30th Rotherham are based in Herringthorpe at the Herringthorpe United Reformed Church. The group has been going since 1965 and is one of the larger groups in Rotherham.

35th Rotherham (North Anston)

The 35th Rotherham at North Anston are based in the Anston Parish Grounds. They are also nearby to Anston Stones woods and have a large field for them to do activities in.

46th Rotherham (Brecks)

46th Rotherham is based in Brecks. They are located on the edge of a woodland which the group uses for games. They also have a large outdoor area which can be used to run games and other Scouting activities.

48th Rotherham (Wath)

The 48th Rotherham is based in Wath. They are located in an old chapel which the street is aptly named after.