Sorry about the pun just I would BRANCH out my joke. Oakay I’ll stop now.

We had a lovely story sent through from the 14th Rotherham Beavers about a tradition that has been around since 1997.

In 1997, the 14th Rotherham beaver colony went to explore Wickersley Wood and they found some conkers. These were planted in a pot, looked after by the Beavers and one of them grew. The children were very excited and have watched the tree grow for the last 21 years. The sapling flourished and eventually was just too large to live in Mrs Beavers garden any longer. The tree has now been kindly allowed to be planted at Hesley Wood Activity Centre for everyone to enjoy. The Cubs helped plant it when they had a sleepover at Hesley earlier this year. Here is a photo of some of our Beavers visiting it when they attended the Beaver Fun Day.