Written by Ben and his Mum.

During the COVID-19 pandemic, when we were all isolating. Ben had been watching YouTube videos of people doing last to leave challenges.

Ben in his makeshift bed in the van

Ben decided to challenge his family to a last to leave the van challenge.  The weather was so hot though and his mum said they couldn’t do it as it was too warm to be sat in the van all day.

So on Friday the 17th of April when we had a rainy day, Ben asked again if they could do the last to leave the van challenge.


Ben told his family they had 10 mins to pack one small bag of supplies to take with them.

So Ben, his mum, dad and sister packed a bag and went to start the challenge. They had phones, iPads, magazines, drinks and sweets.

Ben’s dad was the first to leave the van after only doing 1hr 50 minutes before complaining he was bored.

His sister followed 30 mins later leaving just Ben and his mum to battle it out.

A few hours later bens mum had to leave the van for the toilet. So Ben had won the challenge.

At this point Ben decided he wanted to turn the last to leave challenge into 24 hrs in the van challenge, his mum was delighted to be back in.



Ben – hanging in there

She collected sleeping bags more drinks and snacks and sleeping bags to sleep in, oh and a empty milk carton for bens toilet.

Ben decided this would be a great opportunity to raise funds for the NHS who were under a lot of pressure due to COVID-19.
He said to his mum “ I want to do this to raise money for the NHS to buy protective clothing for the nurses so they don’t catch coronavirus while saving lives”

So that was it the 24 hour challenge was on. His mum set him a just giving page up and he set a target of £100. Every 5 mins he would ask “ what am I on now?” He couldn’t believe the support and sponsors he was getting. He was buzzing watching the amount raised rising minute by minute. He was sooooo happy when he got to £100 within a hour. He said “ I’m so proud, I can’t believe it. Can I raise the target?”

So he then raised the target to £400. His mum thought it was a lot and didn’t want him to be disappointed if he didn’t reach it. But it kept raising and raising.

During his 24 hrs in the van (besides constantly checking his amount raised) he read Adolphas tips, watched shark nail on his mums iPad, did drawings and played Minecraft.

When it was night he made a sleeping area in the back with his sleeping bag. He said” I’m nice and comfortable and it’s nice a cool (he hates being hot). Surprisingly he slept like a log and didn’t wake till the morning when the birds woke him chirping.

Ben and Mum

His dad did bring him a treat of a bacon butty then. He dad was shocked has it didn’t think he’s last the night.

He was straight back watching his Just Giving page, which was still rising.

They last few hours were a bit of a drag and he found himself clock watching. His mum told him he could leave if he wanted to, but it wasn’t an option for Ben, he was there till 3 and his 24hrs were up.

When he got out he said “ I’ve enjoyed doing this so much and feel really happy and proud of myself”

He even suggested to his mum shall we do 48hrs, mum had had enough at 24!

He was straight on to check his target and he had smashed his target and raised £635 for the NHS.

Ben loves his challenges and a few weeks later he set himself another challenge of 48hrs on the garden and set up camp. He cooked himself food on his stove or disposable Bbq. Who knows what he will come up with next!?!

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