What a year it has been. We started off on Zoom talking to everyone virtually. We have then gone to being outdoors only and then back to being inside. We have seen our young people go camping who may never have been camping before and we’ve seen friendships forming. As groups finish up for the holidays and a well earnt rest our groups have been busy partying, crafting and eating! Check out what our groups have been doing below.

The 1st Rotherham at Kimberworth made their own cristingle and had a talk from their salvation arm officer at the church that they meet at. The beavers then went on to light the Christingle and say a prayer. This has worked towards their My World challenge badge.

The 30th Rotherham Scouts celebrated with a night wearing Christmas Jumpers and party games. All the Scouts loved taking part in pass the parcel, musical chairs and a snowball fight! They also wore glowsticks and danced in the darkness and then the night was finished off with a Nerf battle.

The 30th Cubs had an awesome night as well. They had to find hundreds of polarbears hidden around their hut, played party games such as musical chairs and had a massive snowball fight. The night was finished off with presents being given out and a well earnt rest to the leaders.

Well that’s about all we have for you this time round. It just leaves us to say have a very happy holiday and we will see you all next year.