Day 1: McDonalds in Rotherham to Hesley Wood

Day 1 - Walked 9 miles in total

Day 1 – Walked 9 miles in total

Day 2: Hesley Wood to Wenworth Village Car Park

Day 2 - Walked 3 miles in total

Day 2 – Walked 3 miles in total



The leaders locked us in room to plan a route and learn how to read a 6-figure grid map.

Kit List

  • spare clothes
  • sleeping bags/blankets
  • torch
  • snacks/lunches
  • spare shoes
  • roll mat to sleep on
  • heavy duty bag
  • waterproofs
  • a drink

The first day:

We all met at McDonalds in Rotherham town centre we then set off walking at 10:00am.

Day 1 - Setting off from McDonalds

Day 1 – Setting off from McDonalds

The first landmark we walked by was Ring O Bells pub in Rotherham. We then walked towards Wingfield academy about half an hour later we sat down and decided to have our lunch. Just after we had finished our lunch the heavens opened, and it started to rain.

Expedition - February 2022

Expedition – February 2022

After this we switched around who was reading the map from Jacob and Imogen to Reece, where we headed down towards Wentworth. When we arrived, Reece gave the map to Hannah (bad idea) with the assistance of Hagrid.

Expedition - February 2022 - Wentworth

Expedition – February 2022 – Wentworth

We stopped for some food where Boson gave Jacob scotch eggs and due to his awful sense of humour we came up with a game (scotchin) where we take a scotch egg and place anywhere that was possible… hoods, pockets, rucksacks,  etc without the person knowing.

We called the game “YOU’VE BEEN SCOTCHED”.

Expedition - February 2022 - Bridge

Expedition – February 2022 – Bridge


Hannah (finally) guided us to Scholes, where Alex took over the next leg of the hike. The weather was becoming heavier, and the sky was becoming less clear and grimy (visibility was unclear).


During this part of the journey Jacobs shoelace got stuck on Imogen’s lace and he faceplanted the concrete and he was very courageous and did not cry from this incident… (he told me to write this he did cry).

Expedition - February 2022 - Imogen getting stuck

Expedition – February 2022 – Imogen getting stuck

Alex finally got us to the church where Macey took over.


This is where Imogen become stuck in the gate thinking it would be an excellent idea to walk through it (we know she’s small but not that small).


During Macey navigating us through the final stretch of the day 1, Faith was now helping her read the 6-figure grid reference.

Expedition - February 2022 - Day 1 - Arriving at Hesley Wood

Expedition – February 2022 – Day 1 – Arriving at Hesley Wood

After an excruciating painful 6½ hour journey in rain wind (most horrendous British weather) where most people would stay indoors, we finally arrived at 15:45 to our desired destination (Hesley Wood) where would stay in the night.

The evening

We put the tents up, which the girls got help from stoker and the boys just so happened to not need any help, because they are super cool. After the tents were set-up, we made tea which was pasta and meatballs. Then we gathered a bunch of kindling and firewood and with help from the amazing Reece, we were able to light a campfire, which was a struggle due the bad weather, but we eventually got it pumping.

After this we definitely did not sneak into the Beaver Park for a midnight snack 😉.

Expedition - February 2022 - Campfire

Expedition – February 2022 – Campfire

The second day

We had sausage, egg, bacon, beans, and cup of tea for breakfast. We washed up the pots and didn’t pack up the tents as they were all soaking wet from the rain, so the leaders picked them up later in the day.

Expedition - February 2022 - Day 2 - Breakfast

Expedition – February 2022 – Day 2 – Breakfast


When we set off it wasn’t raining, but it was drizzling, and it was DREADFUL. We were all less enthusiastic about the walk. Less than half an hour into the walk

Hannah got the shoes stuck in the mud, and Hagrid had to pull her out but didn’t realise her shoes were still stuck in the mud!

Expedition - February 2022 - Day 2 - Setting off

Expedition – February 2022 – Day 2 – Setting off

It started raining heavily, and we didn’t manage to get to the ending point as the weather was too bad to continue. When we got back home, we got into the bath, some of us cried, and then we went to bed!


Expedition - February 2022 - Finish

Expedition – February 2022 – Finish


What we learned

  • Don’t take your sisters’ shoes without asking, and then almost lose them in the mud
  • Don’t bring a clear water bottle with apple juice (which looked like pee)
  • Pack lighter to reduce the weight
  • Spend more time practicing reading maps
  • Learn to drive instead!
  • Make sure you have adequate clothing
  • Try to do in warmer months
  • Not to get scotched


Scotch Egg

Scotch Egg



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