My name is Thomas Gunnar Perry, I am a member of 5th Rotherham Cub section. This year I am raising money for the Sheffield Sick Children’s Trust (Tree Tops) charity.  I decided to challenge myself to complete all 214 Wainwrights in the Lake District before I am 10 years old.

After 29 trips to the Lake District, 57 hikes, 29 nights of camping, 20 nights in hotel and cottages, over 350 miles of hiking, braving wind, rain, hail and snow, a total elevation more than 4 times the height of Everest, and on Sunday, after completion of Catstycam, I became a member of the 214 Club!  I have completed this challenge in 11 months with my Dad, also family and friends supporting me at times.

Having completed other challenges such as the Three National Peaks at 7 years old and the second highest peak in Macedonia; I needed something to challenge my skills and push my boundaries to the limit and this certainly did that.

The reason I did this is that I love my sister, and whilst her story is one of success there are thousands of other children and parents who need my help.  I push myself because she’s here today due to the special doctors and nurses and Sheffield Children’s Hospital. Without them I would not have my beautiful if not a little annoying older sister.

The Sick Children’s Trust provide accommodation for parents with very ill children and enables them to stay at their child’s side as much as possible and have a warm bed to go to within the hospital walls.
So this is my way of saying thank you and raising money for there charity.   I have raised almost £2,000 and this is going up daily.