Scouting in the UK is currently in Amber. This means face to face meetings are allowed Outdoors Only.

Following the Update from the NYA and TSA. Face To Face Meetings have returned from the 29/3/2021. Latest Guidance


How to Use Office 365

1. How to sign into Office 365

Youtube Video: Here

1.Visit the district website:

2.Hover over the Volunteer Support button at the top. 

3.Scroll down to District Emails and click it. 

4.Login using your District Email and Password. 

5.Your email will be your (Forgotten password can easily be reset, look at the FAQ’s on the website) 

6.You may be asked to change your password at this point. 

7.Set up two factor authentication using your mobile phone number or personal email address (this is safe for you to do and acts as a second layer of security) 

8.After that, you should see the home screen where you can select the different Microsoft Office Online Apps.

2. How to send an Email on 365

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1.On the home screen, select Outlook. 

2.Click on “New message” and click the “To” box. 

3.Select “Global Address List” and find the person you want to send an email to and select the + next to their name. 

4.Alternatively, manually type their email address and then hit Tab or Enter. 

5.Add the subject to the email, in the “Add a subject” bar.

6.Write your message in the message area. 

7.Add any files you need to send. This can be whatever is stored on your OneDrive, or on your personal computer/device. 

8.Double check you are sending it to the correct person! 

9.Then press send.

3. How to use the basic Office 365 Apps

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•From the home screen of Microsoft Office 365, select the piece of software you want from either the menu on the left hand side, or by clicking the 9 dots in the top left hand corner. 

•Select the piece of software you want and use as you normally would.

•Each document automatically saves as you go along, in your one drive folder.  

•You can change the save location by pressing file in the top left hand corner, selecting “Save As” and choosing the folder you want it saving into. 

4. How to use OneDrive

Youtube Video: Here

•From the home screen select OneDrive. (We each get 1TB of storage, which is enough for around 200,000 songs, or 17,000 hours of music). 

•Create a new folder that you can store your files in. 

If you want to create a shared folder:

•Click on the folder you want to share.

•Type in the name of the person you want to share it with.

•Turn off editing if you don’t want them to be able to change what is in the folder, by clicking on “anyone with the link can edit” 

•Deselect the “Allow Editing” tick box and press apply.

•Then press send.


1. Why does Rotherham Scouts use 365?

Rotherham Scouts uses Office 365 to provide Adult volunteers in the district with anywhere access to professional email, calendar, collaborative team working, HD video conferencing, and more. Designed to help charities do more good, this fantastic suite of tools provides Rotherham Groups/Units and adult volunteers with access to Office Online and Microsoft’s best-in-class cloud-based productivity and collaboration software.


  • All emails are hosted on a private enterprise class server meaning potentially sensitive information is kept safe.
  • All emails are automatically scanned for malicious content and phishing and quarantined for review by the recipient before being released/deleted by the recipient to their mailbox.
  • With a custom domain name such as, Parents and outside organisations can be a lot more confident of your identity when receiving emails. 
  • Access to the District Directory.

2. Why can’t I use my own email?

  • Due to GDPR the use of Free (Gmail/Hotmail Etc) Email services is to be discouraged. This is because they often lack security features, which are provided to us through Office 365. It also means if there was a freedom of information request, you would have to provide access to your personal emails. ​
  • We are still allowed to forward them onto other email services such as 365 and GoogleWorkspace for County/Group emails already set up on them.​

3. When will Email forwarding be turned off? ​

Email forwarding will be turned off to ALL Personal email address on 28/2/21. This gives us just under 2 months to prepare. If you don’t follow this guidance you may miss out on important information. 

4. Will we get any more in depth training on 365?

Simple answer: yes. I’d have liked to do this in person at Broxholme/group meetings rather than on Zoom. If you feel like you are unable to wait until we are back F2F, with enough interest I can run a Zoom session for the district.

5. I need a new email address setting up or one of my leaders has left what do I do?

  • If you have a new leader within the group or one has left then please let me know ASAP. If you require a new email address setting up please let me know their Full Name (as it is on compass) Personal Email, Group, Role and Section. ​
  • If a leader has permanently left within the district they will need access to their Office 365 turning off as this is a security risk. Their email account will be disabled for 90 days and then removed with all files and emails being deleted.​

6. I can’t remember my email or password. ​

  • Your email address is simply your firstname.lastname followed by​
  • To reset your password select “forgotten my password” at the sign in box and follow the guidance. If that does not work, send me an email and I will change it manually for you. Please do not tell me, what you want your password to be. I will make it so you can change it upon login. 

7. Can I send to people who haven’t got a Rotherham Scouts email?

Yes, you can. These emails work exactly like your own personal one would – just with added security features. ​

8. I have a RESU Email as well will this work? 

Yes you will be able to use both email addresses as normal. If you need a RESU or District email then get the DESC/GSL to send me an email requesting it. ​

9. I’ve clicked on the link on the district website and it has taken me to a work/personal email inbox. ​

  • This is because they also use Office 365. There are two options here. Option 1 is to simply sign out and sign back in again using your district email account. When you’re done simply sign out and sign back into your work/personal email. ​
  • Option two is to use Incognito mode by pressing Ctrl + Shift + N in your browser, navigating to the district website and following the guide above. ​

How do I add the link to the login as a favourite?​