Hi leaders, we are looking for feedback in what you would all like to see happen at ScoutTastic in 2020. We are also looking for some volunteers that could possibly help run activities/stations at the event over the weekend. I have been to a meeting tonight 03/07/2019 to talk about what we would all like at the event next year. I will outline some of them on the page and as information comes through this will be updated to keep everyone in the loop.

*Please note, we are only asking for suggestions and opinions from leaders/volunteers who attended the most recent ScoutTastic event*

Firstly: Things That Will Stay the Same

Some things which are out of everyone’s control and that can’t be changed are below. They have been looked at and feedback has been taken into account.

  • Camping: Camping will remain on the longfield as that is the only area of the campsite suitable to host 3000 people (adults and children). As discovered on the first ScoutTastic the wooded area is not suitable, so for now the long field remains the sleeping area. If groups have issues with walking the long distance then they can always talk to the organisers about where they are located.
  • Prices: For now they are looking at following the prices listed for the 2018 event. This is what they think will be the necessary amount for people to pay to host all the activities and more.
  • The date: This is one that is set in stone. The dates are 10th-12th July 2020. South Yorkshires numbers need to be in before 1st January 2020 before it is opened to everyone else.
  • We are going to require district coordinators to help run the event and make information easily and widely available for all the district.

Costs for 2020 ScoutTastic

The costs for the 2018 event were: £45 per child for the full weekend. £15 for the day. £15 for an adult full weekend and £10 for the adults for the day. Young leaders were £20 for the weekend and £10 for the day with an additional £10 for them to join in on activities.

As we know, the price is always the decision point for the groups so the organisers would like some feedback on what you think the price should be and if you think it is fairly priced. We know that rising food costs especially for bigger groups will make the price increase.

How Should ScoutTastic 2020 Look?

This bit is really up to you. We want to know what we should keep and what needs to go from the last ScoutTastic. We also want to know what new things need to come in to help you all enjoy the weekend. Some things discussed tonight were ‘Leaders Only Social Area’ and signage on water points. If there is anything else you would like us to consider this is your time to voice it.

What Happened Last Year?

If like me you’ve slept since the last camp, I have uploaded the video of what happened last year so you can all have a watch and come up with some good ideas.

What Else is There to Know?

There will be flyers and more information going out to groups in September 2019 so you can start planning as soon as possible. South Yorkshire has primary booking until January 1st 2020 and then it will be opened up nationwide. There is a maximum of 3000 people again camping. Co-ordinators will be going for meeting all the way up to the event to find out as much information for you all.

We also need people to volunteer for the event to run stations. It has been suggested that volunteers could perhaps have lowered fees, though this is currently only being looked into and so not yet set in stone.