Volunteer Quiz

Find the right role for you! We have plenty of opportunities both as Leaders or behind the scenes all over Rotherham. This quiz below will give you an idea of how you can give your time to your local group or for the district.

Mostly As – You’d be a great section assistant

Section assistants are the ones leading young people; organising games activities and adventures with them to gain skills and make memories. They work as a team to run local meetings and trips, having a lot of fun along the way.

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Mostly Bs – You’d be a brilliant trustee

Trustees make some of the most important decisions in Scouts. They’re members of a group known as the Executive Committee and every Scout group has one. It’s a bit like a board of governors in a school; essentially it makes sure that the best quality programme is delivered to young people in the local area. The volunteers make sure that Scouts continues to give young people skills for life, safely and legally.

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Mostly Cs – You’d be a fantastic District volunteer

Our district volunteers take some of the big strategic challenges facing Scouts and use their skills to help solve them. They make a wide impact on Scouting in Rotherham, getting the chance to use their voices to create real change.

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Mostly Ds – You’d be a top-notch growth volunteer

Our brilliant growth volunteers help us set up new groups or grow existing ones. The role involves speaking to lots of different people, getting to know local communities, and making a real difference to people in Rotherham.

Lets find an opportunity that’s #GoodForYou!