Have you heard of Restart a heart? It is an event hosted every year throughout Yorkshire by Staff from the Yorkshire Ambulance Service. Paramedics, Emergency Care Assistants, Community First Responders and other staff members go into Secondary Schools to teach Young People how to perform potentially life saving CPR.

This year the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity are selling specially made Pillow Pals. They allow people to practice CPR without the use of a Resusci Annie by simply slipping their pillow into the Pillow Pal and practicing CPR with a video made by Yorkshire Ambulance Service. They also have a makaton version on how to perform CPR provided by Dave Jones here.

Everyone will be able to buy a Pillow Pal through the Yorkshire Ambulance Service Charity simply by emailing [email protected]. The suggested Donation is £2 each.

Currently the 27th Rotherham and 30th Rotherham Scout Groups have purchased them for their groups. It would be good to get some more groups in Rotherham involved in helping teach a young person how to save a life.