Adult groups in Activities

Planning an activity for group of adults as part of an organised Scout Activity? Make sure you submit a notification and follow all the guidance from The Scouts too!

Can a young person hold a permit?

Yes, there is no minimum age to hold a permit, whether personal, leadership or supervisory. Perhaps the most typical example is where expeditions are being conducted. However, in these circumstances, the responsible commissioner may place restrictions on time, requiring perhaps…

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Can we use external providers?

Yes. You can use external activity providers as long as they have the correct qualifications and level of public liability insurance. POR 9.9 You may find that certain activities require that you only use providers who are either AALA or Adventure…

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Do I need a permit?

For a full list of which activities require a permit please consult the Scouts website.

Do I need a risk assessment?

Yes all Scout Activities including nights away and adventurous activities require a written risk assessment POR 9.4 For more support on writing a risk assessment check out the Scouts website.

What are personal activity permits?

Personal activity permits are a type of permit that recognises a young person’s ability to safely take part in an adventurous activity without the need for supervision from others. Unlike a a leadership or supervisory permit which allows you to…

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What info should I include in a courtesy email?

Where activities do not require an Adventurous Activity Notification we ask that for all meetings taking outside of the normal meeting time or venue that you email the district team to advise us of this. The reason we ask this…

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What is InTouch?

InTouch is the system that helps you to communicate at all Scout activities and events. It’s flexible and lets Units, Groups and Sections work out the best way to keep in touch during these activities. At any Scouting activity, you…

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Who do I need to notify?

Group Scout Leaders are responsible for authorising all activities that take place in Beaver, Cub and Scout sections in their Group (with the exception of those mentioned elsewhere in this document). Group Scouts Leaders* will need to see and consider…

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